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  • ex.goldbug ex.goldbug Nov 8, 2012 2:33 PM Flag

    If Einhorn Announces He Has a Short Position, how low would it go?

    As many have pointed out, Einhorn had bad things to say about Amazon at the May Ira Sohn conference. So far, he has not confirmed whether he is short or not. If he did, how much would Amazon fall? My guess would be $190 area.

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    • This POS has no earning. And estimate for all of 2013 has been going down every quarter. Chart support is around 120. Fair value is a generous $50. Bozo the Clown knows this...therefore no stock split. It's never different this time.

      I see a nasty bear market in 2013. Massive $ printing may delay the pop till 2014, but no amount of shuffling deck chairs on this Titanic is going to change the outcome.

      There are two ways to put more $ in consumers' pocket:
      1. Jobs
      2. Higher take home pay.

      Jobs won't appear until there is higher discretionary income. But how can there be higher discretionary income when the reported inflation is only 2% and interest earned on cash is 0.02%? Without significant COLA and wage increases to keep up with REAL WORLD INFLATION, discretionary spending will be muted. And without demand, there is no jobs.

      The people cannot print $. And all the free $ from the FED goes to bankers, who use this free $ to speculate on oil, corn, coffee, and Scamazon.

      Just remember that no country has ever print its way out of debt.

    • This was how CNN/Money reported Einhorn's remarks at the recent Sohn Conference:

      "Meanwhile, Einhorn's attack on Amazon were overtly hostile, as he mocked its CEO Jeff Bezos, comparing him to Batman. Einhorn said that Bezos' statement that 'no one understands how Amazon makes money' should make investors very wary."

      When Einhorn made critical remarks about Herbalife, the stock fell over 30% rapidly. He can move markets, that's for sure.

      Sentiment: Sell

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