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  • prospec5 prospec5 Nov 10, 2012 8:33 PM Flag

    2 big reasons AMZN will fall to 175 very soon

    1. Obama won, therefore capital gains tax rates will increase for 2013.
    2. Fund managers and traders will need to raise cash to buy gold. Oh, you ask why ---- because the dollar will fall due to Obama's repeat of his first 4 years.
    I pity the president who has to follow and clean up after htis idiot. An all you idiots who voted for him just don't get it, do you? You will respond by using all kinds of profanity and say I am just a poor loser. I hate to tell you, but you will be losing if you don't short this market and buy gold and silver. Obama will be even more stupid than he was.

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    • Anyone who doesn't like taxes and government and government debt should come to Somalia. There's no government, and hasn't been for years! There is no government debt, and hasn't been for years! There are no taxes, and hasn't been for years! It's the land of the free and home of the brave. Don't forget to bring your AK's and Smith&Wesson's and a truck load of ammo. Lots to shoot at for fun. You just gotta keep the wife and kids safe.

    • Gold should be bought for the long term As far as Obama there will be a grand bargain with capital gains and div rates going higher for those making above at least 250K may go higher to secure a compromise! Not the end of the world! We need more progressive tax rates! Especially for those earning 10 million and more like 40% -45% We need cuts to the military industrial complex like at least 50BB per yr for 10 yrs! We will still spend more than 17 other countries combined! We need to close our bases in Germany and Japan bring our troops home! We need to restructure our corporate tax code and reward job creators here! Legalize Marijuana and pardon all those young people sitting and rotting in prisons for POT Get rid of Prisons for Profit or tax then out of existence!
      As for amazon it cannot grow into a 3,000+ P/E it is way overvalued no matter what #$%$ Bezos says about long term Buy Apple 10X forard earnings sitting with 120BB inc ash!

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      • You are correct on one thing. AMZN is overpriced.
        You are incorrect on most of the other comments.
        1. It is a very simple fact: A nation cannot tax itself into prosperity. Reason: Pretty soon, more are sucking off those of us who work and pay taxes. Prosperity results from more productivity. BTW, that word is mispronounced by some on TV who are not too smart. The o is a long o and ryhmes with produce, not product. Dont' people know it is derived from produce? I guess they just don't think much.
        2. Corporations, yes even the "rich" ones should not be taxed heavily. Were you ever hired by a poor corporation? If so, your job was not secure. Your use of the word, "progressive" reminds me of those who use the word "choose" when they are really saying abortion, i.e.:killing !!
        3. The primary reason we are having and will continue the obama crash is due to his heavy tax policies. Those who have a profit on AMZN and many other stock will be taking their long term gains this calendar year. I would recoommend they get on the stick or they will not have any gains left.
        4. Marijuana is for airheads and others who rely on the rest of us to do the thinking.
        5. If a country does not have a strong military, they will not remain a major world power economically.
        6. We need to eliminate our need for oil from terrorist nations. Every thinking person knows we need to drill off shore and in NE Alaska. All our enemies such as Iraq can figure out what their leverage is after that. Yes, that may reduce our requirement for military to some degree.

        Conclusion: Do these things and prosper !!

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