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  • techstrategy techstrategy Nov 18, 2012 10:53 AM Flag

    Chromebook... Now need the Yoga version...

    I just got the new Samsung Chromebook and it rocks. Pages load instantly including video (no buffer lags). It's not quite a MacBook Air, but 100GB Google Drive included for 2 years at $250 it doesn't need to be. Once Lenovo introduces a Yoga/tablet version of this Amazon and Apple are in for a world of hurt because Google is converging to a dominant solution from all sides of the tablet/PC/Cloud device battle. It is already winning the phone war and is going to start really making strides on the tablet and cloud device front over the next year...

    Google's Chromebook vision is coming of age. The interesting thing will be enterprise migration to Chromebook and Google Apps (Docs, Sheet and Slides are capable and possibly better from a collaboration POV than MSFT Office). The potential TCO savings, particularly for small businesses without dedicated IT staff, are huge.

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    • How's that for running java? or bluetooth? and proprietary software?

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      • Bluetooth enabled. Only Chrome apps. No proprietary software per se, although there is an SDK and Chrome store is growing (more slowly because of user base). I haven't encountered anything web based it cannot do (and there are a lot of software solution in the Google Apps for Business library).

        In terms of running Java, my recollection from awhile back was that Google was basically creating a native sandbox so not only Javascript but other native machine code languages could be used. I see the CAJA project link, but not sure that is the current state of play.

        Lastly, it has Chrome remote desktop, so you can run all that proprietary windows based software remotely. On a machine dedicated to such purposes as necessary...

    • What is the market for the chromebook?
      I asked a former Motorola exec who i consider a telecom expert whether the smart phone market is saturated.
      He had a two part answer.
      In india and China it is certainly not saturated.
      But even in the USA, people will replace their phones every two years, especially if there is no upfront cost.
      His wife just switched from Android to iPhone 4 and was impressed sith hiw much smoother the iPhone 4 operated.
      Regarding the Samsung 3, i have a question about the OLED's longevity.

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      • Edison:

        WRT saturation, every two to three year upgrades will continue, but that still reduces the rate of new sales significantly. I actually just switched to straight talk wireless because I love my G2 and see no need for an upgrade and can get unlimited text, data, voice for $45 per month. I suspect more will migrate to that path as smartphones mature and the incremental functionality does not justify the $299 phone plus extra $50 a month... it isn't as saturated in developing economies, but the broad populace also don't have the wealth to purchase lots of high end phones. Android Huwai and ZTE more the core there...

        I've been deeply involved with a startup developing organic inks for OLET (next wave beyond OLED) and the life cycle exceeds the life expectancy of the device. Not worried about it. More of an issue for organic solar cells...

        The market for Chromebook is just developing. In true Google fashion, it was more of a field beta test to start, but is improving fast. Having done global sourcing studies on PC hardware/software while at McKinsey, I will say I think Google might be onto a significant opportunity in small and medium business because of the reduced TCO in the model. If I were Google, I'd probably take out SugarCRM and embed with Apps. Between productivity suite and CRM, it would have the lifeblood of enterprise software for small companies (which don't usually use/need ERP type systems).

      • just got done watching the game. Didn't count but there were endless phone, tablet ads...motorola, apple, microsoft, htc, LG etc. All the adds were gaming, mobile devices or beer.

        This mobile device gig is a race to the bottom. In the end there is so much competition they will all gut gross margins that none will make money.

        Look at the TV biz. 40" flat TV for $159. Just the raw material and oil gotta eat up the profit at this price point.

        Just like buffet said before he became adle a commodity biz you are only as smart as your stupidest competitor..

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