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  • mets41us mets41us Nov 21, 2012 3:55 PM Flag

    leading stocks today up are high beta,constant squeeze plays with little earnings: trroubling considering the rest of market really couldn't get going

    pockets of speculation for hedge funds and mom and pop languish with their stocks. All the things that build mistrust in markets.

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    • That is exactly why the markets are currently destined to collapse. Trust is easy to kill and hard to build. Demographics are driving boomers to pull capital from the market, but equally as important, the #$%$ games have convinced most younger folks that the market is a rigged casino.

      So, let's put this in very clear terms (sourced from Yahoo Finance):
      INTC EBITDA is $23B a year, market cap $96B. If it really is losing ground, it will need far less investment, so it cash "harvest" and still offer crazy cash flow yield...

      Amazon's EBITDA is about $2B, market cap $107B. It has to continue to invest in facilities (and loss leader content licensing deals) to maintain its revenue growth...

      Keep pumping AMZN and slamming INTC boys. I appreciate the opportunity to expand my investment short AMZN and long INTC and I appreciate anything you can do to drive the cost down for me...

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      • The only thing AMZN has going for it is strong growth (+28%) in a very slow growth world. But, what good is it if you cannot generate incremental cash flow from that tremendous incremental revenue. From 2008 to end of 2001, AMZN added $28.9B in incremental revenue. Free cash flow was only up $0.7B ..... or 2.8% ! You can make more in a 30 year US treasury with no risk. Don't tell me this is due to investment, as this is over a 5-YR period including 2012 - no FCF.

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