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  • techstrategy techstrategy Nov 25, 2012 10:45 PM Flag

    Life is good...

    I probably will, but certainly will adjust my strike if there is another #$%$ vertical move upward. In terms of employees smiling, I do not doubt that they are. Of course, they've likely also come to believe that cash flow doesn't matter. The competition for Amazon is just starting to get serious.

    I also hope they BUY shares (and hold them). All I see is people exercising options and selling them...

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    • yeah, your a longterm visionary yet admitted yesterday you lighten up on the down: makes you no better thatn any other ST trader you hypocritical idiot. lol!

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      • I always have a significant core position. When a stock moves against me by almost 10% in a few days with no fundamental basis, I add to my short. When it drops 15%, I lighten up. I don't adjust on small moves.

        All you can do is attack others because you lack the ability to provide substantive thought yourself. I simply am trying to warn you that someday, you will do it to someone in a vulnerable state who might just crack. People like you contribute to incidents like Columbine. You do nothing to improve the world -- just to perpetuate abuse (that is certainly what you try to do). That is what is truly sad and pathetic.

        I choose to try to help people while I make money. And, I know from the many emails I've gotten that I've done just that.

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