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  • pjw1857 pjw1857 Nov 27, 2012 11:51 AM Flag

    Wish i would have listened to the Guy who told me that i lost this battle, i would have saved my 2/3rd which is now almost 1/3rd



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    • funny but sad that the CEO Bezos is one of the richest guys in the world on the Scamazon support and he doesn't even have to prove the compnay can earn a dime:yet still drive his wealth up. The ultimate example of a "paper tiger": no earnings but huge paper wealth. And proably signified bet by your message of why. He owns about 1/5 of a Comapny valued over $100 billion that doesn't have earnings. In America, dreams come true in strange ways now.

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      • Earlier today Cramer was commenting on the cost of capital for Amazon. This is EXACTLY why the trading games of the capital markets are undermining our national competitiveness (rewarding malinvestment and punishing companies like INTC that focus on productive investment). They've artificially lowered the cost of capital for domestic consumer facing companies... So, we invest in consumption instead of productivity and production.

        The MOST IMPORTANT change that should be made to tax law is changing the LT capital gains holding period (increasing it normal income rates under 2-3 years, holding it at 20% for up to 5 years and keeping it at 15% or better yet TAKING IT TO ZERO for 5 years or more). That will lead to a return to investing by institutional longs and it will end the algo premium scalping / short squeeze games in the process. With that, capital will return to the market (and to the start ups and small companies that create jobs).

        Be patient. Amazon has some major weaknesses which will become apparent as stress increases...

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