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  • flankenking flankenking Nov 27, 2012 2:02 PM Flag

    Living Social could hurt this patent of Local Corp

    Local.Corp Wins Broad Patent for Online – Offline Shopping

    Through its acquisition of Krillion Local Corp has gained a broad patent that covers presentation of inventory data online, for local/offline retailers. It also has an advertising component. This is the latest in a number of patents issued to Local Corp.

    The patent (8,032,427), “System for providing localized shopping information,” was issued on October 4. Here’s how Local Corp summarizes it in the release:

    The patent describes a system by which consumers are provided with online information for specific products sold by local retailers using location-based information to determine relevance. The patented system also provides for the display of relevant advertising along with the sought-after local shopping information.

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    • Yelp has 8-times revenues as the result of a market-cap of 1,200 million and 150 million revenues in 2010. That is the 14-fold of the 0.57-times-revenues of Local Corp as the result of 57 million market-cap and 100 million revenues in 2012.

      Google has 4.4-times revenues- this the result of 228 billion market-cap and 44 billion revenues in 2012. This 4.4-times-revenues of Google are the 7.7-fold of the idotic low 0.57-times-revenues of Local Corp (only 57 million market-cap but 100 million revenues in the year 2012).

      Competitor Angies List has 3.8-times revenues - as a result of a market-cap of 635 million and revenues of 165 million in 2012. This amount of 3.8-times-revenues of Angiies List is the 6.7-fold of Local Corp's idiotic low 0.57-times-revnues from 100 million revenues in 2012 and a market-cap of only 57 million of today.

      Facebook has 12-times revenues as the result of a market-cap of 60 billion and 5 billion revenues in 2012. This 12-times-revenues of Facebook are an extreme 21-fold of the idotic low 0.57-times-revenues of Local Corp (only 57 million market-cap but 100 million revenues in the year 2012).

      Open Table has 6.4-times revenues as the result of a market-cap of 1,020 million and 160 million revenues in 2010. That is the 11.2-fold of the 0.57-times-revenues of Local Corp as the result of 57 million market-cap and 100 million revenues in 2012.

    • Groupon Now, Ebay Milo, Foursquare and some smaller offfers hurt these patents, too.

    • 8,032,427

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    • Not only Living Social alone - a lot of other companies, too.

    • Groupon needs for Groupon Now a licensing from Local Corp

      "Before a company can book a single penny in profit it needs a product to sell. Yet in today’s fiercely competitive global economy, before a company can produce something to sell, it needs to patent the idea. Otherwise, it’s too easy for competitors to knock off the product and steal market share.

      In other words, being first to market is no longer enough of a competitive advantage. Companies need to be first to market and have patents protecting their products to ensure sales and profit longevity.

      Groupon (Nasdaq: GRPN) and Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) serve as good examples of this new paradigm at work.

      As you’re well aware, Groupon invented the daily deals market in 2008. All it took was a novel idea to connect consumers and businesses in a new way – via coupons over email. But guess what? Groupon didn’t have even one patent protecting its novel business model. And within four years, over 300 competitors emerged. Now, Groupon doesn’t stand a chance to keep booking higher profits, let alone survive.

      Contrast Groupon’s experience with the details behind the meteoric rise of Apple and you’ll definitely get the connection between patent filings and stock price performance.

      We can all agree that Apple took the world by storm with its iPhone launch in June 2007. Before it sold a single one, though, it secured as many patents as possible. And it continued to do the same thing on every next generation device."

      Source: Patent Filings: The Next Great Leading Indicator by Seeking Alpha
      March 11, 2012

    • Krillion Licensed to Gannett – In conjunction with the Rovion sale, Gannett will license the Krillion technology from the company. Krillion’s real time shopping inventory data has been integrated into the Rovion rich media ad platform, providing Gannett’s customers with access to real time shopping data.

      Source: Q3/2012-report of Local Corp

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      • Groupon (Groupon Now), Living Social (Instant), Foursquaref, eBay's Milo (Nasdaq: EBAY), Jiwire's NearbyNow, Retailigence and Goodzer could hurt this patent

        "Patent #8,032,427 related to location based product search appears to encompass core aspects of services being offered by Groupon (GRPN) (Groupon Now), Living Social (Instant) and Foursquare; and is part and parcel of the product search functionalities offered by eBay's Milo (Nasdaq: EBAY), Gannett's ShopLocal (NYSE: GCI), Jiwire's NearbyNow, Retailigence and Goodzer. This patent could offer LOCM one of its most significant opportunities for near term licensing revenue, as we believe that the patent encompasses core aspects of the local product search offerings of these companies. This niche is growing rapidly, attracting significant capital and most importantly for Local Corps purposes, the key players emerging in the space are not partners/revenue sources for Local.Corp."

        Source: Seeking Alpha

    • Source: Screenwork - Read the complete arcticle

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