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  • dramatic_move_up dramatic_move_up Nov 28, 2012 8:54 AM Flag

    Amazon to launch smartphone by June 2013 better then Galaxy s3 for just 300.00 strong buy up 10 today

    Now I have got to get off my #$%$ and go wire money to buy all the AMZN Jan 295 and 310 calls I can.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I welcome Amazon continuing its practice of malinvestment. I also welcome Apple deciding to undercut Amazon on ALL digital content sales by 10% (since DOJ would have no standing after its prior ruing and the fact this has become a business model competition), thereby going after Amazon's only "story" of cash flow from digital content. WHEN Apple and Google decide to crush the profit pool of Amazon (fairly since Scamazon is going after their core businesses), AMZN investors will quickly find that $3B in low margin businesses and an overbuilt, largely fixed cost infrastructure cannot withstand the pain as long as two companies with tens of billions in cash, huge margins and cash flow...

      Please Amazon, make another stupid move that would simply require Apple to hit back hard in the interest of shareholder value...

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      • I know listening to the media 24/7 one would start to believe that AMZN sales are profits, but, in all honesty and reality, AMZN has 0 pools of profit. And you're right, the competiors could go after AMZN to hit their non-profit making machine in the kisser with their big profit pools of cash hoard built up over the last 4 years. AMZN latest classic line is selling record kindles again:; what does that mean as they they are the only compnay that doesn't reveal the numbers. It could be record numberrs in count but not sales $ even as AMZN is great with using legalize superlatives.

      • That was meant to say the $3B offering won't last long and AMZN will need more soon when Apple decides to go nuclear on Amazon rather than Google...

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