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  • hawcreek12 hawcreek12 Nov 29, 2012 1:20 PM Flag

    So what is the justification for this stock price?


    The justification is the market is up, so they can get more trained lemmings piling in than out.

    The underlying could be pet rocks for all the manipulators care. What magically made $250 the dither point all day?

    Market should seel into the close, the reason for the rally has just been denied, no fiscal cliff deal anywhere close.

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    • I don't believe for one moment there are "true" buyers of this stock at this level. There is short covering and other price controlling manipulation going on for weekly options purposes, but I don't think anyone can justify buying this over-valued internet retailer at this point.

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      • Of course there are real buyers at this level. We saw a number of funds add to positions in Q3 as it pushed through these levels before. If you run a US equity growth fund and you don't own or are under exposed to Amazon shares, chances are you have underperformed other similar funds over the past few years and your job may be at risk. On the other hand if you own Amazon, along with every other fund manager, and it tanks your job is safe - even if your investors' money isn't - because "well, everyone else owned it and who could have known, right?" Such is the nature of the big money herding dynamics. But at some point some early buyers will have the smarts/courage to sell - I think this has likely already started - and eventually there will be more sellers than buyers.

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    • AMZN could be a pile of rocks but the point being that those pile of rocks is more loved and protected than any stock in the market always. Those pile of rocks are the first thing bought on market dips and those pile of rocks have a quadruple market multiple right now while something like AAPL, a money maker right now with no pier, doesn't get valued like those pile of rocks. Point being is AMZN whether a retailor or pile of rocks, is valued by WS right now with the most love and support like no other right now. THEY LOVE THOSE PILE OF ROCKS B/C THEY MAKE MONEY ON THEM MOVING 'EM UP.

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