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  • agamemnus_0 agamemnus_0 Dec 1, 2012 12:06 AM Flag

    Profit Margin (ttm): 0.07% : PE 3,000

    If this stock can't prove to a person how badly skewed the US economy is (ie: towards investing into ponzi scheme stocks), nothing will.

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    • And when you boycott Amazon purchases and encourage others to do the same, Bezos and WS will get the message. Amazon and our financial structure are what is killing the velocity of money because money and financial wealth are constantly being centralized. Buy from local merchants who in turn reinvest locally. Invest in real estate and local entrepreneurs (not restaurants but those investing in innovations that could enhance our productivity and reduce our cost structure

      When we as individual start voting our values with our wallets (sell funds with large positions in trading scam stocks like this one, buy from local merchants rather than tax evading internet ones), the system will change. The collective effect of our individual actions can be significant. Tell your friends and family how distorted the market is. Help them to understand that Amazon's race to the bottom (subsidized by the US taxpayer first via online tax subsidy, now via evasion with "fulfilled by Amazon" and by via Benny #$%$ printfest) literally is destroying jobs everywhere. It is NOT because it is inherently more competitive (WMT and TGT have better long term cost structures), but simply because of the artificially low cost of capital and the incessant pumpfest from WS games. Make sure they sell all Amazon stock they have. This is a once in a lifetime exit opportunity -- low capital gains while there still are gains to be had.

      Start changing the way the system works, starting with your own financial decisions. It is time that our capital worked for us instead of against us...

    • Only a freaking genius like Obama can pull this off.

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      • Not that sybs a fan of OB, but the credit for this train wreck goes to timmy and ben.... It all actually started under Bush in '08, who waz a real fvckin genious, but he's still blaming clinton for the 2000 bubble and crash, which waz really greenspan's frankenstien. Its the fed and treasury, dummy. Focus frvckin eye, danialson.

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