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  • italiaole italiaole Dec 2, 2012 8:45 PM Flag

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    boycott Amazon! You are freaking insane. I get your reasons to short Amazon but to call out a boycott you are insane.

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    • Actually, I am quite serious. I no longer buy anything on Amazon. I also take time to educate others around me that any money spent their leaves the local economy, mostly never to return whereas purchase from local retailers create more jobs here. People are just starting to get their hands around the direct effect, but the indirect effect of centralizing money in non financial corporations is having an even larger impact because the velocity of money is monotically decreasing as more money goes to fewer corporations...

      Change will emerge from the bottom up. We can either leverage market forces to move in a more sustainable direction, or we will find ourselves reacting to much more profound and socially disruptive change.

      I'm simply encouraging you to vote your values with your wallet on a daily basis, not just once every 2 or 4 years in a nearly binary, two party dominated world. The market based system affords us an opportunity to effect profound change, little by little. But, few of us actually make the conscious decision to direct our financial resources to shape the world we want. Your views may be (and probably are) different than mine. Nonetheless, I encourage you to embed your values in your daily purchase and investing activity. At least it will increase signal amongst the noise for corporations to do more than just engage in a value destroying race to the bottom...

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      • Tech,
        You've sunk to a new low. For months you've been predicting the demise of Amazon, now you're trying to implement it. Does Amazon is Earths most customer centric company. Main street was destroyed years ago, by Walmart, Home Depot, BBY, etc etc. Amazon offers customers more choice and selection. Are you against all internet shopping, or just Amazon?

        Keep on losing money, your pathetic efforts to affect the stock price is laughable.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • networking worldwide e-commerce SALES, which is destroying local mall business and local businesses. You may wish it not to be but that is not what is happening. That's why AMZN stock is skying everyday which chasers ARE happy to chase it as it goes higher here. This Holliday is proving that out. AMZN ROCKS AGAIN AND AGAIN!

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