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  • philandjoel1e philandjoel1e Dec 1, 2012 2:26 PM Flag

    Dear yahoo posterz of all ID's and handles, please cast your vote using the thmbs up / thumbs down selection buttons

    Click thumbs up if you get value and entertainment from sybilz posts and insights

    Click thumbs down if you view geegee az a yahoo board panty waste, and if you wish that he'd crawl back under the rock from where he came.

    Note : Since sybil iz posting, sybil cannot vote.

    Feel free to make a comment az you cast your vote, but please do not change the subject title.

    Thank you in advance for your participation in such an important survey

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    • horizontal thumbz

    • Not that I disagree with anything you say but I believe the term is "panty waist" although its
      hard to say he's not a waste!!

    • Nobody cares. Do you have any friends, any resemblance of a social life??? You spend your weekends posting on yahoo boards. No social life, no friends just big words from an uneducated social midget trying to compensate his shortcomings hoping to get any kind of attention. Your need to be validated by others is actually heartbreaking. You are one pathetic, sad, lonely little man.

      Sentiment: Sell

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      • Consider the irony of your post...

      • I care, so you are wrong by definition. Geeg, NAS and Nem perpetually attack the shorts around here, quite personally and multiple times a day. Reflect on your post and consider the apparent irony to those of us who don't know you yet...

        I looked at some of your posts and you've added reasonable perspective on some stocks/companies and market mechanics in the past. I hope you choose to do so here as well rather than engaging in personal attacks. Trust me, we have enough that already (you can find a nearly unlimited number of posts attacking me, but I always try to stay focused on content. Admittedly, sarcasm got a little of the better of me earlier tonight).

        I find Sybs posts entertaining (I voted thumbs up for Sybs rather than thumbs down as that was an attack on Geeg). Sybs is actually a decent person who happens to have a very bearish view of the future. He brings some levity to the board. Take it for what it is...

        Have a good weekend.

      • Sounds like somebody iz projecting their own character flawz onto otherz az you post on the weekendz. Sounds like you need a friend... Sybs will be your friend on monday - just take the long side of sybs short bet on this pig, and sybs will call you a friend indeed... In fact, sybs considerz all pumperz and the scam bots driving this into sybilz limit order shorts all good friends indeed.

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