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  • im_too_hipp im_too_hipp Dec 3, 2012 8:16 AM Flag

    sad: remember the days in 1980;s to 1990's when the stock market went up and the dolar did to with it

    think is has to do with the fact that the money printed was productiviely used to create real value and not finanical engineering then. This system now can be described as the "foxes guarding the hen houses: policy: as the printed money is funnelled to buying trash while supporting excessive stock opton price getouts along with supporting people who don't want to work, and squeezing the middle: a "double endeded wick burn" between endless spending here by Obama & CO. and endless Fed balance sheet expansion for the rich by Bernanke & CO. Think it will end very badly.

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    • Bruce:

      I was going to post real substance, but I feel no need to explain it to anyone else at this point. Either you get the fundamental economics and how this ends or you don't. JB cannot "figure it out". It is way too late for that... Never wake 4 sleeping dragons at the same time.

      Keep worshiping at the alter of JB. Candidly, he should be concerned that you will become a stalker when this does crater.


      People who talk about how flawed Amazon's model is amaze me. JB just sold 5% of his AMZN, for 100 million. I'd say he's doing something right. I trust JB more than techstrategy. If the model is flawed, JB will figure it out, and correct it. Here's what we do know about Amazon's model: They have the highest customer satisfaction and loyalty ever measured. They've grown at a ridiculous rate, and haven't had any major growing pains. The only "flaw" is that they are willing to sacrafice immediate profit for long term growth. I've read that the reason Amazon dominates is because no one will try to compete with them since Amazon has such low margins. This may be true, but they're building a distribution system that no one can compete with.

    • As long as we can keep kicking the can down the road, the doom day will never come.

    • Your comment is absolutely related to Amazon's valuation. The money made in the financial markets is now from trading, not investing. The solution is actually to NOT increase dividend taxes or to do so minimally (to 20%) but to extend the ST capital gains holding period to 3 years. 3-5 years 20% and 5 years or more 15%. Doing that would lead to real investment in productive assets again, bring the market back into balance and restore trust in the markets.

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      • Bruce:

        You've sunk to a new low. For months you've been predicting the demise of Amazon, now you're trying to implement it. Does Amazon is Earths most customer centric company. Main street was destroyed years ago, by Walmart, Home Depot, BBY, etc etc. Amazon offers customers more choice and selection. Are you against all internet shopping, or just Amazon?

        Keep on losing money, your pathetic efforts to affect the stock price is laughable.

        I am for local shopping. Much better small independently owned retailers, but TGT and WMT are still much better than Amazon because significantly more of the value remains circulating in the local economy.

        Amazon's artificial tax subsidy led people to believe it was a more efficient model. It will become clear in time that Amazon's model is NOT more efficient than TGT or WMT. In terms of internet shopping, I am a strong advocate of Google's solution which essentially enables consumers to optimize for price, location and source. It is an inherently superior approach to Amazon's which leverages the already overbuilt distribution and retail infrastructure rather than investing more new capital in what needn't be built.

        The only pathetic thing is "investors" cheerleading epic malinvestment simply because float manipulating algos have (temporarily) increased the value of the company based on how the stock trades rather than its underlying economic value capture potential.

        So laugh at my efforts... I encouraged you and others to vote your values with your wallets... You are entitled to your perspective, even if it will be proven laughable over the longer term.

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