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  • philandjoel1e philandjoel1e Dec 4, 2012 7:51 AM Flag

    Now its trading below 250 AH... Gap down tomorrow.

    Maybe bezos doesnt deserve jail, but why are clownz like this able to participate in extravagant free stock entitlement programz on the backs of the public? Perhaps there iz a middle ground between jail time and executive compensation welfare? Sybil could come up with a welfare to work program for theze over compenated clownz within publically traded companiez... The transition would be tough for them az they get reintroduced az responsible memberz of soceity. Sybs half way house filled with over paid execs of publically traded stok scam companiez would be filled with tough love.

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    • Because it enriches the people who run the country at the expense of most of the citizens. Just look at AMZN, it's netted over 17 years about $1.9 billion in earnings while Bezos has cashed in trading his stock paper for dollars many times that number. As long as the stock stays in nosebleed levels, it's not problem. However, when the stock goes on reality, then the paper game is realized to what it was: a paper finanical engineering game where insiders and hedge funds come first, investors second. We live in a leveraged hedge fund, paper engineered, economy dominated and catered to the wishes of WS, hedge funds, and CEO's with huge options. The normal worker has never made less as % of what these top guys make. Just look at the comments of a guy like Larry Fink: who may be the biggest criminal around extolling the virtures of QE b/c it helps his funds gamble while putting the costs on the public in higher everyday stuff and food etc. This is a guy who is said to talk to Tim Geithner weekly since 2008. So the decisions are made for and by these guys. Now we're to the point where we have bubbles again, with a #$%$ dollar to thank for it, while Bernake's balance sheet is a leveraged hedge fund balloon. . They havn't created any wealth for the Country , just transferred it to themselves the last few years and leveraged up the paper game like a fat kid bloated with pounds of Reece's Peanut Butter Cups in his stomach. He's gonna end up puking that stuff up. And so we will with all this trash paper eaten by the Fed Reserve.

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