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  • wuwuwu3 wuwuwu3 Dec 3, 2012 6:20 PM Flag

    Cramer still likes this overvalued

    Internet retailer..... and doesn't like GOOG..... What a piece of work!!

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    • Cramer hasn't been completely run in the fact that the funds weere goiong to use AMZN into year end to chase the market up: that was his reasoning awhile back as to why to own AMZN. But you may to beat the whistle to get out as this is fast money trading. Cetainly helped Bezos selling a nice $200 million slug while the company's earings declined toward 0 the last few quarters. What a great situation for him, not so sure LT for a shareholder of cash going into his pocket while no cash buildup from making money to the balance sheet, as cash from the balance sheet can end up in investors pockets, not Bezos pocket.

    • Cramer has been in a romantic haze ever since he fell in love with Erin. His judgement is haywire.

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    • Walmart will kill them in retail and GOOG will knock them off their cloud. Just remember a few months from now that Cramer said buy at 250.

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      • Let's see if this one gets through...

        One can tell Cramer went to Law School and not a decent business school, because he would have flunked Marketing 101. Market segmentation is essential. 1% of global retail sales? Sure. How is that relevant? Is Amazing going to be selling gasoline? Serving dinner? Alcoholic beverages?

        I'll be coming out with more, but Amazon's advantage is in decline... Over time, fewer categories will be well suited to its business model.

      • Cramer did the ultimate pump... "Amazon is 1% of global retail sales..." A classic lesson from Marketing 101: Not properly segmenting the addressable market opportunity... It's not surprising since Amazon lacks any truly coherent strategic focus and none of the analysts (and certainly pumper in Chief Jim Cramer) have ever challenged the strategic coherence and addressable market...

        Is it now going to dominate restaurant sales? Spa? Auto repair? Gasoline sales? Oh wait... GRPN is better positioned to serve certain of those categories... And, certain of those categories (gasoline retail) will never be meaningfully served by Amazon or Groupon...

        The reality is that Amazon's business model is more efficient for a small subset of retail sales. For most, it is an inferior proposition. The irony is the number of product/categories for which it is superior is declining over time, not increasing.

    • Cramer is just another momentum trader masquerading as an investor. Nothing more. Stick with the long GOOG short AMZN strategy for the long haul. It will pay off in spades. Or long INTC short AMZN...

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      • Would rather long INTC, short AMZN. Google is over-priced, though not as much as AMZN.

      • I think you mean long AMZN, short INTC lol.... wow the last jerkoff that said short AMZN did not even come back on and show his face and admit he was wrong. Now today on Fast Money the other fast money guy says AMZN is so 2012, sell it if you have a profit but don't short it. Then Cramer says buy AMZN and that in tech only GOOG AAPL and AMZN matter but don't buy GOOG way up here and he and Cramerica are right, Amazon is headed to its target of 314 by Jan 19th ahead of the biggest and best earnings Amazon has ever had, ever! Amazon is taking a big slice of Ebays cash business and will show Ebay how it is really done with a much cleaner interface. AMZN will go bonkers tomorrow, the hedge funds will get crazy aggressive grabbing even more Amazon shares, the mutual funds know its time to add more shares of AMZN tomorrow and the Cramer fans will be buying AMZN hand over fist as 300 by the end of January is guaranteed and if it is as big a blowout as many think it will be, AMZN will gap up to 340 in after hours. Please short Amazon shorts because only 2% of Amazon is short and to be honest we need more fuel for the fire! I repeat AMZN goes bonkers tomorrow!

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