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  • im_too_hipp im_too_hipp Dec 4, 2012 8:13 AM Flag

    Honestly, if you had bots/funds run your compnay stock up as you earned less to the bottom line to nothing or losses

    you 'd be the luckiest guy on earth to cash in and turn that stock into dollars totalling $200 million. It's called locking locking in gains on the back of the Fed's printed money buying trash paper and giving that printed money to the banks to buy up trash for trading gains. Bezos is taking advantage of that here along with other insiders in AMZN. Most sane people would.

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    • That is correct, and it should tell Longs that Bezos sees this as a good time to cash out a significant position. He knows more than we do, so maybe the music is stopping. Nothing predicts a stock price better than insider sales.

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      • part of the benefit of Bezos holding 87 million shares of AMZN with about 450 approx shares outstanding is that it creates constant opps for the WS short squeeze up move scams. Helps the stock get to 200+ ?shr while earning pennies. It's also why Bezos doesn't split the shares anymore as it would hurt the low float game. Not sure the game is over, but Bezos hasn't sold shares in along time. To me it's not about AMZN not being a viable compnay, it's just that it's been used as a trading stock for so long that it's now over 200/shr while earing pennies. So the low float game is somewhat exteneded I would say compared to comparable stock values in the market. And that doesn't even touch on the reality that thier compettion in all directions have huge built cash hoareds so earnings will stay challenged. You know what they say about looking a "gifit horse" in the mouth.

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