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  • penystoc penystoc Dec 4, 2012 4:30 PM Flag

    Out of the money premiums

    With the stock moving up the premiums on out of the money long dated puts went up wildly.
    the puts actually went up with stock going the opposite way by 2 bucks. Take it for what it's worth but it is worth noting that this does not happen to this degree very often.

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    • Absolutely meaningless... Optionz are a scam for all that trade them... If option writing, bot havin institutionz can write enough optionz trash and get broke deick dopes to buy them to make it worthwhile then they will manipulate the stock in the desired direction to kill them. This stock will not 'return to normal' Until broke deick optionz traderz are thoroughly cleaned out to the point where there is not enough interest for institutionz to take the 'own and manipulate' risk at theze levelz.... When that happenz, watchout! Because the 'return to normal' will be a rude awakening for baggiez and 401 k's az this pig gyrates in fits and starts to 30.00 and lower, #$%$ and whipsawing az many traderz az possible.

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      • Very true however they work on the close dated options and are not concerned with the ones that are months or years out. The near term options did NOT move up but moved down which in fact proves your point. HOwever the ones that are really far out moved up with AMZN up by 2 bucks. Something is going to happen little guys don't buy that far out. Good luck to ya.
        this pigster is going to hit the down drop in the next few weeks.

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