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  • techstrategy techstrategy Dec 4, 2012 5:19 PM Flag

    would have thought AAPL would stay up last, but too many holders to keep it an up stock: AMZN's scam float stock

    It all started with the financialization of the real economy. Easy money from the Fed is just part of it.

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    • and that financialization starts with Fed economic head using equation on boards of when and when not to print money: it on their judgement: and their judgement of going over the top has led to 3 asset bubbles in 12 years where the aftermath creates more and more chaos. Bernanke no diffferent than USA's Rudy Havenstein or Gidion Gona. He might as well be running a gabling casino in Vegas like Steve Wynn. He end up creating more problems than solving any. period.

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      • Not saying the Fed doesn't contribute to the problems. It does.

        It hoped that by printing, it would force capital into productive investment. Instead, "investors" simply front run the Fed or scalp premium.

        Which is why I expect the capital gains period to be extended to 3 years and the rates to be increased substantially for anything shorter than that period while dividend taxes go up little (contrary to what the pundits are constantly saying...). The Fed is trying to force people to OWN risk assets, not rent them for milliseconds.

        Just watch...

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