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  • im_too_hipp im_too_hipp Dec 4, 2012 4:48 PM Flag

    would have thought AAPL would stay up last, but too many holders to keep it an up stock: AMZN's scam float stock

    so the pig is flying longer than the real earners. Still, it's stuffed with about $115 billion of holders of those non earnings. amazing what this market has become.

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    • ZH has a piece on negative enterprise value companies with positive cash flow. That's what happens on the opposite side of things like this and why I keep saying that the capital markets themselves, not Benny B are the cause of the massive malinvestment. By allowing TRADERS rather than investors to dominate capital market signals, institutional longs killed productive investment in this country. They want to blame the Fed. It is #$%$. The Fed has simply amplified the signal which has made the scam more visible... The HFT is the REAL tax in the system, but its collateral damage is far greater. We will feel the impact in lower real productivity growth from all this malinvestment for a decade.

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