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  • philandjoel1e philandjoel1e Dec 6, 2012 8:26 AM Flag

    At no point in history....

    Have markets been so high and so hated simultaneously...

    In 1999 stox were high, but very loved.

    In 1932 stox were very low, but hated by all.

    At this point the markets are an anomoly, extremely disjointed between sentiment and price level. This era will not end 'neatly'... There iz mucho blood to spill.

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    • and on the rebound from the 1929 crash, the market became loved by the "PROS" and then the Pros got burned into 1932. Similar to the rally from 1970 to early 1973 where the Nifty Fifty stocks were chased to nosebleed levels by the PROS, who ended up crushing each other into the bonecrushing bear market low of Dec 1974 from Jan 1973. AMZN is a mondern day Nifty Fifty chased by the Pros but there's not much retail in the game here to for the Larry Finks of the world to give to. History can rhyme if not repeat. Especailly when you create nonsensical pig values.

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      • Hipp nailed it..... A student of history he iz.... Theze are the same periodz sybil haz studied adnausium, most notebly the 1973-1974 dynamics becauze of the availibility of data.... In '74 it waz Ford that said, "we [the federal gv't / taxpayer] arent going to rescue ('rescue' becauze 'bail out' wasnt the term of the day back then) holderz of NYC bonds to support that lazy NYC 'handout' life style", az the financial markets TANKED on a bond market hiccup.

        This time it will be some tea bagger (maybe idiot bonyar) that will vote down the next round of money printing that will be required to buy the state and muni bonds of kalifornia after a long winded grandios speech of how thoze lazy californianz need not be saved to support their extravagant pot smoking handout life style perhaps az the disingenous idiot criez on national tv..... And yes the markets will be tanking at tge same time, but in much more dramatic fashion then in 74-75 peak...

        The crash will be followed by rampant inflation, high unemployement and civil unrest that will make carterz '78 yearz look like the good ol dayz.

        Its comming...

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