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  • ex.goldbug ex.goldbug Dec 7, 2012 2:58 PM Flag

    Watch what happens when capital gains selling hits

    Amazon Falls. A bigger % drop then Apple, because of the 3000 PE.

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    • On "fastmoney" options today, they agreed, saying the cap gains selling in Apple could shift to Amazon next week. 20% down or more.

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      • interactivebrokerssucks20soon interactivebrokerssucks20soon Dec 7, 2012 6:14 PM Flag

        Your kidding right? Listening to Fast Money, they want in AMZN as much as they can get of it, they are just trying to make some sellers so they can be big buyers, GOOG and AAPL sold off big today as did pcln, AMZN did not sell off, also 2 different guys said to short AMZN and the other just said to sell it. No way it is this close to its 52 week high and does not smash right thru it. Also I short but would never short AMZN, all this stock does is collect shorts by making the stock look like it is fizzling out, they do this by holding it back a few days at the same price or 50 cents down a day but then all the sudden it is up 5 then 10 or 12. AMZN is due for one of its up 10 or 12 days and anybody shorting here is just helping to propel it higher and sooner then it normally would have gotten their. The new Amazon move to take Ebay customers is a new cash cow for Amazon, they have a lot of new cash cows starting to click and Amazons cloud gets more and more popular each week and month growing faster and faster. AMZN is going to be 300 or higher the 1st week of January, why would it stop at its 52 week high? The incline is not as steep as last time and much more solid and stronger. The capital gains selling in AAPl is tremendous because the gains have been also. Amazon is a different situation because Amazon is up lately and the new buyers are here to stay until at least after earnings January 31st.

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    • Any confirmation that Amazon bear Einhorn is short could make it shockingly rapid.

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