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  • techstrategy techstrategy Dec 7, 2012 4:06 PM Flag

    Best case for bears would be a low volume retest of the old high at $262


    There is a reason that all the real companies with real valuations are getting crushed first...

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    • "There is a reason that all the real companies with real valuations are getting crushed first..."

      If you knew the reason, why did you start buying INTC calls a.mosy three months ago? Why didn't you buy puts instead?

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      • Because those of us that aren't paper trading tigers and aren't operating with inside information or informal collusion cannot time the market. So, we must act like real investors and scale in and out as companies become more undervalued or more overvalued respectively.

        You are the only clown Geeg. Many of the core shorts on this board have seen me proven correct on every major call in time (I guess we can now add long GRPN at $3.30 to that call, although I quadrupled up at $2.65 and sold everything by $4. Too much hot money for my taste. But LT, GRPN will prove a vastly better investment at $4 than Long scamazon here...

        I see that which you cannot. In the short term, I feel pain for that. In the long term, I make a lot while voting my values with my wallet. I encourage others to do the same. Amazon destroying real wealth daily because it is pirsuing value destroying growth where it has no structural advantage and is in fact less efficient. Shorts, you can help effect change. If you have Amazon Prime, order all you very low density items (toilet paper, paper towels, etc) from Amazon and buy all your higher value density items from the grocery store. Make sure to order them independently. Better we expose this sham sooner than later because it is hurting real retailers in your communities, robbing your state of tax revenues and reducing the velocity of money in your community at the same time. It is time to use our wallets to end the financial market games and effect change.

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