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  • to.josie to.josie Dec 7, 2012 4:01 PM Flag

    Sold my shares today

    I think Amazon could follow Apple on the downside, starting next week.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Selling may have been the best decision you have made. AMZN is way overpriced. They are losing their edge and price advantage over retail stores. Prices of items seem to have gone up, they are starting to charge tax and they lack the ease of returning or exchanging items promptly. Technically, the stock is overbought. The promise of revenue growth increases forever will not hold water indefinitely, their Price-Earnings ratio is off the charts. No sane person would buy at these levels but sanity has never been the hallmark of Wall Street.

      Sentiment: Sell

    • Wow to josie, maybe your an illegal, your sure not an investor, I think you should short AMZN really big and right before it slices right through its 264 52 week high like it was a speed bump that a jacked up suv with some nobby tires didn't even notice, since momentum chasers will come in at the same time that hedge funds, institutions, and mutual funds will be fighting over shares along with daytraders and swing traders in the mix, along with foreigners because amzn is on their exchanges and one of the favorite American stocks to trade. AMZN will be between 295-314 by Jan 15th and 340-350 after the gap up Feb 1st following the largest sales # ever in the history of AMZN, the most Kindles sold, most content, most intems, deliverys, all records. Pe's will be adjusted. Perhaps a level I can reach you on is that less then 2% of the Amazon float is short, for a pe this high that is simply incredible. Amazon has decided to take up to 30% of Ebays business, (that means they will do it and you should add ebay puts to your Amazon calls. I have read their model and plan to lure auction sellers and private sellers for cheaper and put them in two categories and reward the best ones with low interest Amazon loans, it is simply brilliant. As brilliant as they dominate cloud that #$%$ off google something large, the way they sell tablets much to apples resentment, the way they sell movies, games much to Netflix's curiosity, the way they sell products that effect Wal Marts and Targets bottom line and how their pricing causes Wal Mart and Target much hassle. The market has long forgotten to care about Amazons pe and sees them raise 3 billion for the 1st time in over 10 years and competitors fear what Amazon will do next The way Amazon notices a new place for easy profits and for them to dominate, wouldn't you fear them? I mean they attack you with stealth and you don't know you were attacked till you read the story on yahoo or see the press release about Amazon and your company and how Amazon has decided to jump into the area you considered your specialty, that was until Amazon decided to make it Amazons specialty.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • This stock and company are a joke. Wall Street has given Bozos a free pass for some inexplicable reason. AMZN has razor thin margins, no revenue growth or earnings growth and carries a MASSIVE P/E for this underwhelming performance. This will not last forever. They don't make any money selling Kindles and AAPL has taken a HUGE bite out of the 7" tablet market this quarter. Yes, some of the ipad mini buyers will cannibalize ipad buyers and some would have otherwise bought a kindle. These lost kindle buyers will most likely not ever step back down to an inferior product and ecosystem one they've had a taste of the AAPL experience. Survey's show they rarely do. So, things don't look too pretty for AMZN; especially with the sales tax issue starting to become a level playing field. No more showrooming. Too bad for AMZN.

    • OK what makes more sense..1) sell appl and get into amzn or 2) sell amzn and get into aapl
      what's a fund manager to do?? I know what I would do.

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