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  • philandjoel1e philandjoel1e Dec 8, 2012 10:53 AM Flag

    I believe too many are still having nightmares of 2000 bubble , and recreating

    All Bubblez are a matter of psychology, the dot bomb bubble, housing bubble, and now the money printing bond bubble...

    The fed iz buying up so much trash in bonds that bezos / amzn, with no verification of meanz of incomeor plan for bond funds use, and a trainwreck balance sheet, waz just able to secure a low interest high grade bond. Bezos iz the corporate wellfare image equivalent of 2006's no document immigrant landscaper securing a no doc home mortgage for a new mcmansion in arizona. In a couple of yearz, issuerz of trash bonds that have gone default will be caught robosigning foreclosure and bankruptcy noticez to companiez like scamazon as their stock value drops from 8.00 to 55 cents before the corporate assets are seized, which iz when the stock goez BK and share holderz get 0.00.

    Once again, because the Fed iz being the ultimate backer of this bond trash circulating everywhere, the 'tax payer' (middle class) will be on the hook for bond defaults. Resolution of massive bond defulats wont come in the way of increased taxes because there will be no economy to tax. Rather, it will come in the way of eliminated 'entitlement' programz such az SSI, Unemployement, and Medicare health insurance (notice sybs said eliminated and not reduced). Also notice that sybs put 'entitlement' in quotes, because theze are not 'gift' or 'free handout' programz az polititianz would have the middle class believe az they are cutting and eliminating theze 'dirty handouts' - the funding for theze programz actually comez out of you pay checks automatically, every pay period without hiding or hope of ever getting that money back, and if you are lucky enough to be able to collect it you will be labled a 'free handout recipient product of a welfare nation'

    Sybs got a little side tracked here.... What sybs meant to say iz that amzn iz a phlying pig stok in a phat pig market place, and that amzn and the stok markets a phully phvcked. The end.

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