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  • techstrategy techstrategy Dec 13, 2012 2:55 PM Flag

    I wonder when...

    Somebody is going to do a report on the real game... whereby MOMO stocks get taken to the stratosphere and then gradually dumped into index fund and 401K mutual funds at silly valuations because they've been added to the indexes at silly levels... Frontrunning gone wild...

    The games have become more pervasive because of the rise of ETFs. It has vastly expanded the arbitrage opportunity... Creates no value, but certainly takes some from others...

    Sybs, maybe you could write something on it... You are an expert on the wealth transfer schemes...

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    • Without surety or hazard to thoze that issue this trash to the public and then relentlessly manipulate digital trash, common stock haz been for at least 30 years, and will remain 'for an extended period of time', a proxy for wealth transfer. Every major boom bust point of inflection on a major index's chart represents to sybil an artists rendering of massive wealth transfer. It just hasn't been done so blantently and without consequence as has been in the last 20 yearz. But dont worry, the SEC has your back, and you'll alwayz get a crack at participating in a Class Action law suite to get a few cents / share back on what remainz after the attorneys polish off the scraps that guys like bezos and the bot havin momo's leave behind - thats surety.

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      • "SEC has your back". Really? Practically none of the fraudsters who perpetrated the 2008 crash, including those at Lehman and AIG, went to jail. Very few of the Enron fraudsters went to jail. The money they defrauded was never returned (probably sitting somewhere in gold bars or secret bank accts). I'm not making any comparison to Amazon. But the point I'm making is the same apparatus for picking investor pockets still exists, untouched and unafraid. 2008 may repeat sooner then people think.

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