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  • yhoosuxkox yhoosuxkox Dec 20, 2012 2:58 PM Flag

    The inmates have taken over the asylum

    geegee, nasdaq_6000, and brucetheskinflute guy are banging on their food trayyz. The staff haz retreated behind reinforced safety glass. Geegee just flung feciez at the glass - gross! With the onset on 12/21/2012 upon them, theze retarded amazoidz are going nuts... A lock down of the asylum haz been ordered.

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    • Did yahoo make you change IDs Syb? Time for nurse Rachet to show up and give the nuts some medicine.

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      • Yes, sybil had to make a new id. The yahoo police have stifled sybs long used philandjoel1e handle, which sybs obsconded from jerk off "philjoe" on the pcln board. Thats ok though. The "philjoe" handle iz very gaaaaay, while this current handle "yhoosuxkox" iz true and its funny all at the same time.

        The yahoo police have murdered many of sybs ids : sybil1914, sybs1914, rip_sybs, rip_sybil, and dribble1914 who waz the twin of sybil. Just to name a few. Theze fvck erz are like the naziz and the kgb rolled into one... Baaaaasssstaaaaarrrrds. Why would anyone want to kill sybil? Sybil iz considerate, polite to all, clean cut, and offerz astounding insights into the scam fvck in markets that chock full of worthless sheitty stox.... Sybil just doesn't understand this persecusion. They should kill techstrategy's ID - he's the put optionz crack head trouble maker.

      • So far your Amazon high is holding like a brick ceiling. The trading gods will see to it. If it is penetrated briefly, it will be a bull tarp, cause next week it will crash.

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