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  • pjlouie13 pjlouie13 Dec 28, 2012 10:14 AM Flag

    Hey Sybs


    I know it's off topic but just getting your input on another short, what do you thing of SAM. I love their beer but at 134 seems extremely overpriced. I think you are seeming a shift to craft brews (Sierra Nevada/Avery/Dogfish/Stone etc) SAM is the "gateway" beer but I don't think they retain their base customers as they move to different offerings. PE over 30, growth rate no where close. Very low float with massive institutional ownership. - PJ

    p.s. the nasdaq6k-o-meter still reading 1.5 ppd so AMZN short still looking good

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Sybs aint doing your research, pj.... Sybs could give a rats ars about SAM.... That being said, sybil hates all stox here and would feel comfortable responsibly shorting any pig, but sybs iz sticking with amzn, a little crm, and a bevy of bear etfs... Sybs wont be looking long until the s&p cuts through 700 like a hot fvck in knife through butter az sybil iz coving shorts of companiez on their way to bond default and bk.

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      • Come on Sybs, I'm not lazy. I always do my DD. But just like to throw ideas around and I'm always looking for stocks I might of missed. Ex: Huck with AZO, good short candidate and i wouldn't of noticed it if he didn't mention it.

        And your too early on CRM! They are going to run that up before it collapses. And with the ETFs (especially the X2 and X3) your are better off shorting the long ETFs than buying the short. Over time they F you.

        I agree with you with AMZN! - PJ

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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