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  • once_on once_on Dec 29, 2012 12:37 PM Flag

    AMZN Financials don't add up.

    Perfect, Obama is running the largest ponzi scheme in history - keep spending other people's money and keep printing money until someone asks for it back and the music stops ... what a world we live in where resposnsible people get blasted and Obama and Bezos are person and businessman of year respectively! 2 million less people are employed today than when Obama took office, yet he is spending 27% more per year than Bush spent in 2008. Bezos is running a company that is losing money and yet he mentioned in the same breath as Steve Jobs, who generated 5x more net income in one average quarter than the total lifetime retained earnings of AMZN. What a joke.

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    • AMZN will have its turn in the barrel pretty soon. Amazing it has gotten this far, but I suppose the big boys know what they are doing.
      Gonna be " fire in the theater call " . The doors certainly wont be wide enough, but may be locked from the outside as well. A retail trample scene for sure.
      Mark post.

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