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  • e2ebuzz e2ebuzz Dec 29, 2012 2:34 AM Flag

    AMZN Financials don't add up.

    AMZN claims to have a revenue growth of 20% yet heir ROE (return on equity) is a staggering low .5%!
    Companies with a rev growth of of 20% have a ROE of at least 20. AMZN is less than one percent! LOL. joke is on u!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Coming year the truth be told.

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    • Bezos & Obama are friends
      Short sellers need to be scared VERY SCARED

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      • Perfect, Obama is running the largest ponzi scheme in history - keep spending other people's money and keep printing money until someone asks for it back and the music stops ... what a world we live in where resposnsible people get blasted and Obama and Bezos are person and businessman of year respectively! 2 million less people are employed today than when Obama took office, yet he is spending 27% more per year than Bush spent in 2008. Bezos is running a company that is losing money and yet he mentioned in the same breath as Steve Jobs, who generated 5x more net income in one average quarter than the total lifetime retained earnings of AMZN. What a joke.

      • Sybil imaginez that corzine had lots of friends too, but that didnt save hiz eu bond trade from getting wiped out. In the mob, its usually your trusted fiends that kill you. Bezos' amzn will be promptly chucked under the bus when its time, but like theze other clownz like hastingz and corzine they will have made their bundle and otherz holding the bag of sheit will pay the price with the blood of their accounts... Its just the way it iz.

      • Hastingz ate dinner with ob, that didnt help pig flix... A pig iz a pig and it crashez when the momo's bail. Money haz no friends.

      • They say its not who you know, but who you blow.
        I wouldnt have thought that bozoes would stoop top such levels:)

    • All of AMZN's book value ($7.5B) is from capital surplus - basically after operating for more than 13 years, the only value AMZN added is from its employees buying stock options from them at reduced prices, and then selling higher on the market to pumpers and idiots. This is a scam ..

      (1) AMZN issues millions of options to its employees and pays them far below market wages
      (2) Amaz delivers extraordinary growth by selling at cost and not having to pay taxes - wipes out traditional for profit ma and pops that need to pay taxes
      (3) AMZN uses its growth to pump to wall street and sets up for ponzi with analysts and funds - these companies continue to sell the hype to retail investors
      (4) AMZN stock soars to levels more rediculous than the 2000 tech boom, which allows employees to sell options at massive gains, making them not care about their terrible salary and delivers billions to the AMZN treasury (this is wealth sucked from the retail investor to further the scam)
      (5) AMZN uses the option cash from employees to "invest" in more break even growth opportunities continuing the cycle over the again.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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