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  • yhoosuxkox yhoosuxkox Jan 4, 2013 5:20 PM Flag

    Geitner and baired are abandoning their posts and headin for the hillz at the top

    Much like ceo's and cfo's do... Theze clownz want to be legacy to a 'recovery' rathervthen the miseeable failure to come... Sybs surprised to see bernanke stick it out, he will be bound and hung by congress after a brutal inquisition of "how could you not know bond markets wpuld fail az a result of printing money untilbyou run put of ink?"

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    • Bond markets won't fail. Fed will monetize 100% of flow if necessary and intervene as necessary. Those shorting bonds right now will be in a world of hurt because retail is happy to park money there short term (safer than putting cash in banks to be used for derivatives...) and the Fed will buy all it needs to buy to maintain debt service interest viability.

      The tape is being painted everywhere and technical traders are buying all the wrong stuff across the board. I've never seen a misalignment of fundamentals and technicals as large as this... Not even close. Either the big boys rotate or the market will collapse over the next quarter because there is no real conviction and support under the technical driven valuations...

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