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  • techinvestor75 techinvestor75 Jan 4, 2013 5:40 PM Flag

    If you all can't see what will happen next week you are blind!

    + Major product announcement(s) at CES
    + Multiple upgrades ahead of earnings
    + New all time highs (270-280)

    The fun should commence Monday. Weekly calls should pay out nicely next week.


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    • This crack head iz buying weekly CALLZ. A death wish.. He's doing a speedball with coke and heroin.... Loser iz gonna explode next week.

    • I hope it announces a phone. More misallocation of capital would be helpful to the shorts. Of course, one of the analysts might actually look at the trend in net profits and find the real correlation (and it isn't "investment"). Or, they might look at incremental revenue and gross profit CapEx productivity trend over time (if CapEx was really generating economic leverage, one would expect to see both the quarterly trend of revenue and gross profit declining as a percentage of CapEx or lagged CapEx over time... In reality, CapEx the reverse is occuring).

      Most AWS investments are NOT long lived assets. In fact, that massive computational infrastructure will be less competitive as next generation 14nm Haswell based servers come on the market -- much higher computational power per unit energy, which is critical to the economics of Cloud hosts... Google and others entering will have an advantaged cost structure because it didn't overinvest in power hungry servers to run its platform.

      Wonder what would happen to Amazon if any analyst had the guts to actually downgrade it...

    • next week it's a good bet that AMZN will announce a new advertzing bidding platform that is going to revolutionize advertzing ahead on the "net. watch for it at the tech conference news next week.

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      • First, that isn't news. It's already known that Amazon has been developing said platform. The reality is that Google dominates the segment (including mobile) and a very large cross section of the economy would have no use for advertising through Amazon. Traditional retailers have no incentive to help Amazon... Only small etailers (eBay and Amazon 3P) players.

        Just a new hype storyline to distract from the fundamental reality that the economics of the core physical goods retail business do not scale as was anticipated...

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