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  • hank3063 hank3063 Jan 9, 2013 8:37 AM Flag

    With a 3,150 P/E

    how about 31,500 P/E , 10 times of now !! is it still ok ?
    just say "it is growing"?

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    • The best and most successful fund managers never invest based on PE. Most do not even look at it. They analyze the business models. The legendary investors are not "lucky" when they ride the great growth stocks in America's history. Yet the little retail investor gets so bent out of shape when they see this number as if some injustice was done to them. You really have to laugh. You can read posts from the inception of this stock at $1.50 a share split adjusted and they were obsessing over the same nonsense. Many of the greatest stock investments were made in stocks that had a higher PE than AMZN. That's right, investing in companies that had no PE at all. Companies that could not even turn a profit. And no these companies were not start ups either.

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