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  • mjjk1 mjjk1 Jan 7, 2013 9:54 AM Flag

    With a 3,150 P/E

    how does this stock continue higher? Not long or short just asking a market question.

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    • will be 4,000 next month!

    • I live in the hood AMZN is building three new hi-rises. THey paid so much for the raw land, the family that owned it for decades took the money and ran. Now they're going to pay the city's most expensive architect and builder to throw up huge towers that will cause massive traffic jams in every direction, when they're already renting in a brand-new campus blocks away. I guess the idea is they will own their offices, and no longer rent as much, or who knows? All I can tell is they spend money like maniacs, and fine, they are a mega-online retailer and online bandwidth provider, but, so what? I can go to plenty of other places to buy stuff online. Maybe everyon'es thinking about the prospective advertising. I wish someone would explain how this company is going to make so much money. It's valuation is half of Apple's at this point. Good luck.

    • Most over priced stock I have ever seen. Like you I don't understand it, so I stay away from it.

    • The bubble will burst eventually. It may be tomorrow, it may be 5 years from now, but it will burst. This is 1990's style "investing" at it's best. If a company isn't making you a sufficient amount of money, what good is it?

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • PE is backwards looking. PE provides little insight as to the direction the company is going in. This is a growth stock. In other words people are not buying based on today's fundamentals rather what the potential of the company is. The growth for AMZN is huge. They are on a path to be a retailer of a size that it is hard to fathom. They already are a giant and everything is showing that this behemoth will only grow much larger at a rapid rate. AMZN's PE of today means nothing to where this company is going. Investing based on PE is very dangerous. I know of several single digit PE companies that are in big trouble. AMZN is healthy and branching out in so many areas.
      Look at the potential of a company and how aggressive they are and successful in growing the business.
      I hope I helped answer your question. Unfortunately, I do not hold any shares of AMZN. But as of last year I started to make almost all of my on-line purchases from them. Before then I had used them many many years ago (mid 90's) for movie purchases on VHS. A year ago I became aware of what this company sells. Everything! At great prices! With much ease! With great customer service! A winning combination. Also I probably buy (food excluded) 90% of all my purchases on line and whatever I need it seems can be found on AMZN as easy as going to a vendor specific website.

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