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  • johnalexgordon johnalexgordon Jan 7, 2013 7:07 PM Flag

    I had a bad day

    Well, last Friday I sold some Jan 260 calls that expire the 18th. Wake up this morning to a MS upgrade and the rest is history. Bad timing...
    I read some posts that say that the market doesn't care about pe or fundamentals when it comes to AMZN. Clearly the market doesn't care right now but this stock will eventually revert to the norm.
    This is not a magical stock. it will either grow profits into a reasonable PE or the stock price will fall until the PE is reasonable.
    I'm in the stock price will fall camp.

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    • Don't trade options - 89% of all traders lose money on options - Don't trade them. I shorted 5000 shares today. I will make money. You will lose. If you can't afford to short shares and hold, then you should not be in this stock. You need to understand that the odds with options are much worse than any casino! Would you sit down at a casino table where they tell you they are shutting the game down at 9PM and taking your chips regardless of how you are doing? The market, unlike a casino, is made up of liars, cheaters and thieves. Would you sit down at a blackjack game where the dealer could call out his hand without showing his cards? Would you play where they could change decks at any time, never showing the deck's cards and never shuffling ..... or where the dealer had a sideline viewer who was calling out what your cards were? That's what you have in the options market. It is impossible to win on a consistent basis in options. Time is always against you. NEVER USE OPTIONS.

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