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  • techstrategy techstrategy Jan 16, 2013 9:06 AM Flag

    David Einhorn

    David waits for these to break. He knows very well this is a scam. But, he'll wait until the games have wiped out retail shorts first. He'll be here in Feb.

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    • It is too late once they break. One bad report and the shares could open down $100. At that point it is a buying opportunity. Einhorn shorts at tops, not bottoms.

    • What if he already started

    • As far as I know he didn't short NFLX when it broke so bad, correct me if I am wrong Tech. This is from Jan 2011 when NFLX was starting to go to the insane levels.

      "Reeves: What is your view of Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX ) ? Where do you stand on the recent debate between Whitney Tilson and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings?

      Einhorn: On the surface, Netflix, as a growth story, wouldn't fit our short criteria. And it isn't one of our short positions. That said, I think Whitney Tilson made some good arguments that were stronger than those put forward by Reed Hastings. I did like the way Reed Hastings responded, however. It was very professional. Their debate was a healthy exercise, and we need more of that going on in the market. Hastings' comments, though, were that his business looks good in the short term. He didn't seem to have good responses to the longer-term criticisms, like what will happen to the cost of content. The Netflix story will be an interesting one to watch

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      • I'm not aware of him shorting NFLX. I think you were on the GMCR and CMG boards. His published perspective on those companies was materially the same as what I had posted on those boards over a period of months before... Not claiming 1 iota of credit. Simply asserting that I had similar fundamental analysis and strategic perspective as David. I'd love for him to announce tomorrow that he is short. He'd never see a higher rate of return (either on time or capital...).

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