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  • sybil_lives sybil_lives Jan 16, 2013 8:32 PM Flag

    The fed banker of boston says there are no asset bubblez

    he must not have looked at the bond markets issuing no doc bond debt to no doc immigrant banks, or the s&p near all time highz, or amzn..... Interesting - thoze all look like big fat bubblez of granspan quantitiez of irrational exhuberance (except stox are hated). The bubble bond markets of unsustanable debt that monitized the credit crisis, has been paying state, muni, and student loanz, mortgage bondz, and corporate debt aren't discussed too much theze dayz.... Imagin the derivativez that the too big to failerz have on that, since derivative off track betting hasn't been curtailed? Interesting..... Facinating.... Weird... The sheeple will hear all about it and come to understand it well az the s&p iz blowing through 600 on its way to printing f-f-four fifty (or lower if it overshoots).... Wow...

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    • Our Amazon's debt prospectus where it didn't provide current financials (cash position and working capital needs, nor did it explicity mention the IRS notification). Instead, it had a chart of income to fixed payments (which in itself has some items worthy of more scrutiny).

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