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  • bluebloodedtrader bluebloodedtrader Jan 16, 2013 8:57 PM Flag

    why is Seeking Alpha ganging up on AMZN?

    Can someone please explain to me why all the analyts over at Seeking Alpha have such an axe to grind? They constantly put out bearish pieces, yet AMZN continues to march higher.

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    • because seeking alpha writer are civilian with no connection to JB friend which pop the stock
      seeking Alpha are objective and do not have any relation sheep with WS crooks

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Ignore the the articles, validate their data, and think for yourself. Like everyone everywhere, some are insightful, some are ignorant, some are smart, some are nuts...

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • "Can someone please explain to me why all the analyts over at Seeking Alpha have such an axe to grind?"

      What do you mean "analysts"?

      Seeking Alpha is a message board. Anybody can submit their "brilliant thesis" for publication there. Look at authors' profiles. Some are college kids.

    • Because there are a few of us who still believe the proper role of the market is to allocate capital to productive companies and not just transaction scalping (which is just a tax to benefit a few and recudes the effective capital transmitted to productive enterprises).

      Amazon should be a co-op like REI. That would be consistent with its business model... But, it is supposedly a $123B company which is engaged in some of the most profound malinvestment of all time (I liked the suicide bomber analogy on the Ycharts article).

      Those seeking Alpha authors have done real, critical but fundamental analysis that WS should be doing. You should thank them for opening your eyes to the massive disconnect between the claimed reason for lack of profits and the real one.

      If any of you are forensic accountants, I could use some help finishing my case against this company. I want to get a much clearer view of the impact of off balance sheet commitments (operating leases) and potential tax liabilities by all entities (state, federal and international) and it just isn't in my wheelhouse.

    • Yes they ground the same ax with pig flix az it crowded 280 and up... We all know how 'stupid' those basherz at alpha were then dont we as pig flix dumped from 303 to 53 in a year, most of it in 2 months...

    • It`s very simple... if seeking alpha is neg about amzn, it`s ONLY because amzn dudes didn`t bother to bribe them....

      Gee, thestreet was rating a buy rating EVERY WEEK on AZO... CRAMER got many candies from an azo dudes.....

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