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  • sybil_lives sybil_lives Jan 17, 2013 12:59 PM Flag

    The big kahuna market crash iz just a stones throw away...

    very few stox are making new highz today while the market puts in new highz and presses an all time high... Vix heading waaaay north from here. Sorry pumperz but this iz all you get ... For those that truely own stox, they best get the fvck out soon . The coming crash will be MUCH worse than '08/'09. That was a crash of crefit markets. The coming crash will hit the much bigger bond markets, disolve the credit markets, and the dollar will tank at the same time az china and the EU dump them newly minted bernanke bux in drovez as a thanx for the USA fvck in them for a decade, paticularly more so in the last 5 yearz. There will be plenty of liquidity dollarz around, but it will take 15 of them to buy bread in a 30% unemployment environment with draconian safety net cuts.... Good luck all this one will be very bad.

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