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  • honestnbri8 honestnbri8 Jan 18, 2013 1:19 PM Flag

    Sum of All Parts

    AMZN is building something no one can value. If you could, then you can set its price.
    It is ignoring profit at the cost of sales, will wipe out most businesses over time, and then
    think of profit. What is more important, staying in business or making profit every year (and finally going belly up ?).

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • My friend...I feel worried for you.

      I like a momentum play just as much as the next guy. However, if you believe what you wrote, I think you need to settle down and get a solid job (gas station, check out counter), do your 5-9, work hard, enjoy your earnings and free time, and leave this games to other folks ...

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • You need to love your mother and father because you will soon need to move into their basements.

      On the other hand, what kind of a mother and father would raise you to believe the drivel you just wrote?

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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