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  • sybil_lives sybil_lives Jan 18, 2013 7:38 PM Flag

    Did any one see how aapl closed?


    Sybil never claimed that aapl waz a "safe" long as no long stok iz "safe" in theze markets. in fact sybs was scad short of aapl at 720 and unfortunately covered way too soon at 650. Sybil took took the premise and coined the phrase "that an aapl without Jobs iz an orange", and then stated that "balmer iz to microsoft az cook iz to aapl", which iz funny because 6 months AFTER sybil made that very analogy between cook and balmer, a bloomberg hack talking on aapl said the IDENTICLE thing. Sybil only covered short gainz on aapl too soon becauze the underlying fundiez of aapl are money strrrroooong, so sybil waz glad at the time to get out when all were calling for "aapl to 1000.00".

    Now take a hard look at aapl's drop, multiply it by nflx's drop, and then square that answer and you'll comprehend the magnitude of the scamazon will drop to come... Now scamazon iz a short that sybs wont be covering too soon, and sybil will be adding amzn shorts on every 20-30% bounce all the way down to 80.00. From 80 sybil will ride at least 15% of sybs position down to 20.00, back out and say "thank you very much"

    Keep jerk Ing off, gaaaaaay boy. You'll blow your load someday. Take viagra, you'll need that for your limp thang....

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    • oooops.... Miss print .... Sybs couldn't possibly have shorted aapl at 720, mixing up price points here with pcln shorts... Sybil shorted aapl at 680 and covered them at 650. Dont get all excited now geegee, no premature eeeeejacu lationz please.

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