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  • nasdaq_6000_baby nasdaq_6000_baby Jan 20, 2013 1:46 PM Flag

    Hey PJ, looks like your gullible and stupid enough to never question whether Sybil's trade and tickets are real?

    YOu sound more like his "sock puppet" , the more you post. You guys folloowing Sybil have to be the stupidest people I've ever seen on the yahoo board. And you don't even verify that he exists with real money. That's laughable and make you worse than Notre Dame's Te'o. What I know is this clown's been here since 215 to 271.: what do you think ? should I send the SEC a letter along with the 2500 share cover he said he did at 4:05 the day of last earnings to see if it is real? Then maybe we'll know. I No skin off my back but a hell of alot off your letting this guy "Pied Piper" . You clowns are the ones who should be question it more unless you merely don't care. That's idiotic. You deserve what you are getting.

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    • Naz,

      Truth be told, I don't care if Sybs money is real or fake... if his calls are accurate or not. He hasn't promised me any dough so it's irrelevant to me. I always do my own DD so I won't exert any energy trying to figure that out. I won't make trades based on what people here post for I don't think anyone here truly knows what's going to happen. I just enjoy Sybs wit and have endured squeezes in other stocks and reaped some good profits with him. We both went short PCLN, I bailed after 2 days he continued short until it broke, so I just don't blindly follow him. We just believe that Amzn eventually far we've been wrong. - PJ

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      • Certainlly, AMZN is giving you all a lesson why shoritng on mere thoughts of overvaluation can be a losers game. Especially, when you compare AMZN to past conquests I presume by most of you have had in a Mexican Food compnay and a online travel agency. I gotta figure most of you have had expensive lessons here so far. I think it would matter more about Sybil to those on his side. I just pointed out some inconsistencies and recklessness of what he does. If you guys don't care as AMZN has risen 50 points+ from the last correction, so be it. More for your side to lose sleep over I suppose. The laugh certainly hasn't been on the long side of things for 14 years ago. And actually, the nominal point gains are faster now to the upside. oh well, pointing out his consistentcies has fallen on deaf ears.

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