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  • ayahtolla2003 ayahtolla2003 Jan 23, 2013 8:26 AM Flag

    Sybs gonna play a fun round of wack a mole if amzn pokes its head up today

    nobody hangs out here 24/7 shorting one new high after another with real money in reality. You're always here yet have millions? Not a chance. You're a loser who trade like a Neandrathal. And Geegenjar buying calls? Not a chance either. Now your short plan is extended to 300? You said the same thing months ago and many points lower. Just calling it as I see it. Have a good day in your "virtual" world of trading like a Neandrathal.

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    • Your right... Sybs doesnt 'hang out here 24/7', dummy.... But dead wrong on sybs resolve and copious amounts of dry cash and margin gun powder

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      • you can say you have copious cash and nobody would know it that is true. My observation is that you just short everytime AMZN goes higher: and you spend all your time here saying how AMZN is a an easy short. Who are you kidding. Seems to me you are more trying to convince using "Social Media' of something "you are not" doing. There's no way to prove here that you have copious cash. The only thing you have convinced me of is that your supposed trades are Neolithic: merely shorting on new highs: now your latest are up to 300 out of nowhere. This is a yahoo message board so it doesn't matter. but I believe some other motives and that you are not really doing what you are saying. There's no way to prove it either way. another thing, your arguments are completely juvenile and immature about trying to convince or argue about what you did in trade months/ years ago. Meanwhile, AMZN keeps going up, out side today so far. So I have come to the conclusion that you are a liar. None of your predictions have panned out. none. and now you are shorting up to 300. You are far from a trading godl in m y book. Good luck in your virtual world..

    • and now you are putting in more shorts to 300? how do you explain that off? Whe you're wrong you're wrong, you don't just disimss it and perpetually put up new trades as if the price increse doesn't matter. Amazing hoodwinking you are throwing up here.

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