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  • davecarneyinc davecarneyinc Jan 26, 2013 4:06 AM Flag

    Bezos sold $100 Million of Stock right after Christmas Season Started

    One week after Christmas season started, at end of November, Bezos, seeing that sales started very soft, sold $100 million worth of his stock. About 10 days later, they let go excess people, saying that it was slower than expected. It is obvious what is coming.

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    • Bezos own 87 million shares. He sold an insignificant amount of share relative to his position.

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      • $100 million is not insignifigant to anyone. It is a huge proportion of his liquid worth. It was a planned sale but can be easily pulled back or canceled if he thought the stock would be significantly higher after earnings. I am amazed at the retail people here that think they know more than the CEO of the company. Because people know there is time lost in shipping (and sometimes backorders) they start their on-line Christmas shopping about 10 days earlier than regular shopping. Bezos saw their sales were coming in much slower than expected at end of November and he sold - so did many other insiders. My nephew and his friends also saw sales were much slower, and they were let go. This stock is not a crashed and burned NFLX - it is APPL at $700 times 100. There is going to be pure carnage after earnings and Cramer is going to once again act like he did nothing wrong even though he wiped out thousands of people.

    • Bezo's stock sales were automatic

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