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  • wuwuwu3 wuwuwu3 Jan 29, 2013 7:54 AM Flag

    Place your bets....

    What remotely "positive" item will the wall street crowd pull out of the report and trumpet in the ER headlines.
    1) slight increase in profit margin
    2) Revenue increase
    3) Kindle sales (oh I forgot they never report an actual number)
    4) Implied digital goods sales
    You know whatever AMZN does is always GOOD according to the wall street crowd!! No problem...just a promise of potential profits at some point in the distant future. Bezos is such a genius...until wall street crowd turns on him and AMZN's stock....LOL

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    • AMZN will report loss but shares will go up because JB will do magic show

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • AMZN is the "Swiss Army Knife" of business and anything that they are in can gets "spun" positively as we've see for over a decade while the profit model has been pushed out forever. Why Bezos is worth probably 30 times retained earnings of AMZN over that time b/t the stock he owns still and the stock sold within that time. Easy to keep wanting to spend and sell under cost to make money when you get rewarded for it. AMZN has the "plafform of hype" and uses it to it's advantage.

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