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  • sybil_lives sybil_lives Feb 1, 2013 11:59 AM Flag

    In the wordz of the mighty Jim Morrison (RIP Jim, we love you)

    "this is the end my friend.". It is the end of amzn, the pig stox, and the final blow off of bernanke's fake markets, induced by FLOODS of bernanke bux, and bought and paid for at the top by 401k and pension fund buy high baggies. Pull up the dow and s&p for 10 years, 20 yearz, and then 50 years They look beautiful dont they? Its like an astronaught experiencing breif weightlessness in a mindful bliss as they star a moment out the portal at the amazing moon and starz before getting violently sucked back into the atmosphere and burnt to a crisp free falling back to the planet where what iz left of the orbital will leave a huge creater when it hits ground.

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