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  • sybil_lives sybil_lives Feb 1, 2013 3:06 PM Flag

    At this very moment, sybs is down 8700.00 on a wopping 11300 sharez held short

    This year iz gonna be sybs best gainz on record, compliment of amzn and nflx bags.

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    • "At this very moment, sybs is down 8700.00 on a wopping 11300 sharez held short
      by sybil_lives . Feb 1, 2013 3:06 PM"

      Dear Sybil,

      AMZN's prices on February 1, 2013, around 3 p.m.:

      time open high low close

      3:00 p.m.: 264.47 264.56 264.37 264.52
      3:01 p.m.: 264.56 264.56 264.31 264.31
      3:02 p.m.: 264.38 264.49 264.30 264.49
      3:03 p.m.: 264.43 264.55 264.37 264.46
      3:04 p.m.: 264.48 264.50 264.27 264.27
      3:05 p.m.: 264.30 264.35 264.17 264.28
      3:06 p.m.: 264.28 264.31 264.16 264.26

      Assuming that "this very moment" you refer to in your post falls into the period between 3:00 p.m. and 3:06 p.m. (the time of your post's submission for publication), the best price and the worst price for you would have been $264.16 and $264.56, respectively.

      Let's take the average of these two prices, $264.36, as the price which yields your claimed loss, $8,700, at that "very moment."

      Then your average short-sell price must to be about $263.59. Even though, it's higher than my estimate of your average short-sell price, I take your word for it because we both know we are gentlemen.

      Have a nice weekend.

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      • Geegee,

        You dummy... You like to waste time... If you simply read sybs posts then you'd know sybs avg of all shorts iz 264.... Even if this pig were to hit north of 300 all the way to 350 where sybs would only add to the short side and raise sybs short avg.... Try to Imagine the coin that will be accured in sybs Master Margin Trade Account az this pig hits 205, 180, 140, 120, 80, 50, 20... Off of which at any of these levelz except lower then 50, sybil will short any 30-40% rally with 'momo shorts' az this pig collidez with disaster.... Sybil will make a MIN of 30% if sybs decides to cover any shorts under poor timing... If the momo to the downside iz plade correctly by sybil then this will be a 300% er in the short trade .... Timing disaster is much tougher then timing a run up because distaerz happen 15-20x faster then momo trading climbs aza pig deflates and melts away in 3 -6 months what took 10 yearz to pump up.... Watch and learn dummy instead of out smartimg yourself...

        By the way - if you feel like making a calculation then do these:

        Last week you 'bought some callz' on wed and thurs. What strike price were your calls that you bought? How many contracts did you buy? How much did you pay per contract? When do they / did the expire? Sybs not clear , did you sell some or all of them? If so, how much did you sell them for? What were you commissions for each transaction that you made?

        If you can answer all of theze basic questionz then you can keep up with what sybil can do in a daily basis in sybs head with sybs own KISS short, hold and subtract on the rips method of trading pig stox in pig markets... You see - sybil doesnt try to out smart a robot, nor does sybil keep track of any onez but sybs own tradez...

    • Sybil: "At this very moment, sybs is down 8700.00 on a wopping 11300 sharez held short"

      Are you sad, Sybil?

      After waiting for months and getting into the red by almost $400,000, you are just getting closer to breaking even and you're sure this year is going to be your best year? Well, compared to losing so much every year, breaking even seems pretty good, huh?

    • Same boat. The only two positions I have. Not as many shares, but I expect to book huge profits.

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