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  • sybil_lives sybil_lives Feb 1, 2013 10:02 PM Flag

    AMZN is ready to bounce nicely.

    "Well, unlike shorts here, I try my best to be objective and realistic with my expectations. Apparently, AMZN is in a corrective phase. How long will it last this time, I don't know. It pays to play safe and conservatively. I made three trades buying and selling calls this week. All profitable. I can't complain. On the other hand, what have you loser shorts accomplished this week. Just breathing a sigh of relief, waiting for more drop (without any conviction) watching your losses diminish a little."

    Translation: your undecisive which results in useless babble that leadz you to getting whipsawed in your own paper trading schemez... You lose when it goes up and you lose again when it drops ... Bottom line 'expectationz' puts this pig sub 20 and dabblez with bankruptcy from where it sits... No short of the underlying carez if it will go higher because the ending iz a given and doez not require 'day trading'... The more verbiage you post, the dumber you look. You made no money on your paper tradez... Since one cannot get basic questionz answered on your basis, or price points, one can only surmize from the timing of your dipsheit posts that you got eaten alive by decay and actual price drop for every 'bought some callz' and 'sold at a rather big loss post you put up...

    Sybs doesnt know whats more dumb: a worthless stok pumped and gamed By the institutionz in bernakes fake markets, or geegee... Its a tough choice.

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