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  • ajmanieri ajmanieri Feb 2, 2013 11:57 AM Flag

    Find it interesting that in FMR, LLC last 13F . . .

    they were dumping AAPL shares while adding AMZN shares, increased their AMZN holdings by over 600k shares . . . will be interesting to see what the next 13F will reveal . . .

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    • Thats the report that gives you something useful... Too bad its up to 135 dayz stale, but nonetheless useful. Privately held secretive goliath Fidelity has the ball, watch them as closely as permissible by a retailer, and you have your tells... Sybil guesses that you will see some fmr dumping of this pig on the q4 report due out on or about 2/15, you can looc it up on the SEC website.... But sybs also imaginez that they have been dumping hard (distributing in dieckhead finance termz) from jan 15th and will continue to do so for the next 45 dayz... This data wont be made avalable until july 15th though... Capiche?

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      • you sick logic is flawed . . . first, they are not going to increase their share count by nearly 4% when the stock is trading between 233 to 250 range only to dump near 260-265, chump change . . . second, they are not that short sighted and finally, they were dumping AAPL during the same period . . . what does that tell you? I am sure you will answer bearish to talk yourself into the fact that it will only go down . . . 262 range has been tested at least twice now . . . still in a upward channel . . . this week will give a better indicator if breaking down in short term or moving higher . . .

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