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  • ehsani97 ehsani97 Feb 13, 2013 2:37 PM Flag

    so help me understand here

    amzn says it has a couple of shows on CBS, which will get cancelled sooner or later no matter what. The mafia then moves in with the buying, trying to create short squeeze and long greed. They try to move in on nflx and the likes lnkd too. The head lines say grpn and amzn are pushing the market up. groupon, one of the most infamous accounting fraud stocks only super seeded by HLF. When ever you see your stock next to stocks like grpn, znga, hlf run like hell.

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    • Well, in th eplus side they have more web traffic and more people will join in the prime member which will increase the revenue. or they can win the customer over NFLX and get in the stream market. that is another growth for AMZN.

      However, AMZN is so popular so that I don't think it can generate more traffic, and $79 dollar a year they are losing money for their stream business. At the same time, the growth is slowing in their core business and they cannot do much about that.

      So it is really up to anyone's guess.


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    • there is no short interest, you just read these boards too much, only retail gamblers short this stock. if any headline contributed to today has nothing to do with CBS, that was out yesterday, it is the Ford cloud/music article. But think this was just a manipulated move off the 50 DMA . . . it will go higher provided the markets dont roll over . . . they want to distribute this closer to 300 to the unsuspecting masses . . .

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