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  • powerchump powerchump Feb 13, 2013 8:34 PM Flag

    Reversal for OpEx

    What are the chances of a nasty reversal to the 250s for this Friday's expiration? The question is how much commitment do today's buyers have.

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    • No chance for that you crack head put buyer. You are the reason why that wont happen ... Nice job filling the roll az a patsy. Momo bots love to kill crack head put buyerz....

    • I doubt it. MM using Fed money (POMO) are behind the move in all likelihood, forcing call sellers to eat losses (and yet CNBC wonders why retail doesn't trust WS anymore).

      The option scalping scam is distorting the capital markets beyond belief (yes, Fed printing exacerbates it, but it is MM greed to make a buck without concern for the collateral damage) as real investments are held back to sell calls and keep out of the money while valuation scams are propped up to sell puts. They are afraid to let the option scalping let it go because they'd have to actually generate investment returns again, rather than "taxing" the market. I'll have much more on this subject in time -- this scam is the one that truly dwarfs Enron.

      Someday, this will get a healthy review. Even if it takes a few years, it will be fun to see what discovery uncovers from all of the participants in this scam (e.g. analysts pumping Amazon while privately mocking the valuation, MM and algos funds calling scalping "free money", etc).

    • It won't happen

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